Digital Onion
Management Experts Management Experts We provide custom solutions to your unique project needs to bring you peace of mind, improved team morale, and lasting results. Our track record speaks for itself
Great Execution is Worth Millions Our adaptive, no-nonsense approach will bring clarity to your projects in a new and refreshing way. We understand the unique pains your teams are experiencing and we will work with you every step of the way to fix the problem and find a long term solution. Great Execution is Worth Millions
Our Philosophy Our Philosophy Our APP system digs into the most critical, fundamental drivers of team productivity and create teams that are self-mobilizing, fun, and most importantly results driven.
iPad Projects We provide custom solutions to your unique project needs to bring you peace of mind, improved team morale, and lasting results.Our track record speaks for itself. iPad Projects

We’re the Agency Agile experts. Our senior staff has 30+ years combined expertise in leading and coaching agencies and development organizations in high-performance Agile-based delivery. We offer coaching, management and education services that transform your projects, teams and client relationships into successes.


Who We Are

We are Southern California’s leading experts and innovators in project leadership, change management, and software delivery.We provide coaching, management, and education services to growing companies seeking to transform their projects, increase team productivity and gain peace of mind.

Our results speak for themselves; serving mid to large sized companies throughout our region, we have helped tackle the most complex, seemingly “unfixable” problems and provided tangible, transformational results time and again.

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What We Offer

Today’s managers look nothing like managers 20 years ago. As business dynamics evolve with technology and rapidly shifting customer needs, “management” has moved towards goal oriented paradigms rather than antiquated task driven concepts.

At Digital Onion, we have created a leadership system borne out of today’s most complex and challenging management fields: software and web development. Our goal-focused systems have proven to be 47% more effective than all other project management processes.

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Contact Us

Our services will be customized to your specific project or company needs. Contact us today to explore how we can best serve you and your teams.

You can either call us directly at: (310) 566-7686 or email us at

We can also be reached on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in!

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